The Breast of Dawn : erotic lactation tale

Extract from The Breast of Dawn, a tale from the book Roman Charity: Four Tales of Erotic Lactation by Elliot Silvestri.

As he continued to nurse from her, Dawn felt the tightness of her breast’s skin lessen. She knew that he intentionally fed her foods laced with herbs designed to make her lactate more than was natural, but since he was her only supply of food, she had little choice in the matter. Her breasts were too large for her thin frame, it seemed every bit of nutrition she took in immediately went to her breasts and then out to Gornash’s stomach. The first breast was drained. He released it with a smack of his lips and immediately glommed onto the full tit. Again she had her involuntary reaction of recoil, then her milk started flowing and her body responded to the stimulation Gronash supplied. She had been certain upon her capture the big troll would rape and kill her. That was not the case. He needed her milk. What she didn’t expect was her growing attachment to the troll. True, he was her jailer and had only one use for her, but he showed her more affection and care than her previous owners.

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