Video of a beautiful woman who squirts breast milk in the mouth of a young boy

Estrellita (Mathilda May), squirts milk from her breast in the mouth of a young boy

Synopsis of The Tit and the Moon (Source : Wikipedia):

The film is about a nine-year-old boy's (Biel Durán as Tete) obsession with women's breasts. Tete becomes jealous of his baby brother who is breast fed by their mother. Tete goes on a personal mission to find the perfect pair of lactating breasts to feed on. A beautiful French dancer, Estrellita (Mathilda May), arrives in town, the answer to Tete's prayers. Unfortunately for Tete, Estrellita is the attention of many men's affections including her dance partner/boyfriend Maurice (Gérard Darmon) and attractive Flamenco-singing teenager, Miguel (Miguel Poveda). With this amount of competition will Tete fulfil his wish?

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