Survey : 35% of dads have tasted breast milk

35% of dads have tasted breast milk
On the occasion of World Breastfeeding Week and Week of taste (October 2014), the community website Magicmaman and research company Respondi  conducted a survey* on a panel of "moms breastfeeding or who have breastfed their baby," with this question: "Is tasting their breast milk, a common practice or not?"
The final conclusion was: "Young parents today are more curious than their elders," says the press Site Web.
If 55% of mothers aged 25 to 34 have already tasted the milk, dads are no exception. According to this study, they are 35% in the same age group to have tested breast milk.
Note that they are 29% of those aged 35-44 and 27.4% for 45-50 years.
Finally, 67% of dads tasters themselves asked to try to milk their partner and "did not wait to be offered to." And 91% of them thought it was a "positive experience" .
Should you be interested in a more "direct" feedback on this issue, have a look to this thread dedicated to the taste of breast milk. 
* Survey conducted by Respondi for Magicmaman from September 23rd to Sptember 30th on a sample of 2,000 mothers aged 25 to 50 years old . 67% of dads who tried have asked to taste the milk of their partner.


I am a breast man, I love to suck on my wife's breasts when she was lactating i got to try her milk it is the most potent aphrodisiac i have ever had the emotional and sexual benefits of suckling were a hundred times stronger. At times i wish she still had milk!
Picture of young girl who breastfeeds her father

The story of Pero and Cimon is Roman and is found in a book of stories about ancient life written about 30 AD. In the tale, Cimon is sentenced to death by starvation, but his daughter Pero visits him in jail and secretly breastfeeds him to save his life. She is caught by the jailers, but her act impresses jailers and they release Cimon.