Breastfeeding scene : Puyi, the last Chinese Emperor with his wet nurse

This movie, released in 1987 is a biopic about the life of Puyi, the last Emperor of China, whose autobiography was the basis for the screenplay written by Mark Peploe and Bernardo Bertolucci (who also directed the movie). 
In this movie, the young emperor (probably aged around 10) takes the milk from the breast of his wet nurse.
It is said that Chinese emperors were breastfed until 12.
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The picture on the left shows an object that was supposedly where the women who were shortlisted to breastfeed the Chinese emperor had their breasts examined by the royal doctors. 
Notice the liberal use of the symbols of power - the dragons on the arm rest, the dragons on the stone structure, the red color behind the platform; all symbol of power in China. 
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My wife fed a hungry miner who was violently shaking from the cold after being lost overnight in the mountains. He had been mining late in the season. In January, when it started to snow, he walked out from the mining site and got lost. He was 25, underdressed, and had been subsisting on rice and potatoes for several weeks. My wife nursed him three times, about an hour each time, before we were able to get him to a hospital. Two weeks later he found us, and my wife nursed him once more, because he asked.

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Sen coffee set by designer Antoine Boudin

The Breast-bowl or nipple-jatte, was created in 1787 as a royal command for the Dairy of Rambouillet, a place offered by Louis XVI to Marie Antoinette, who enjoyed the rural "design" of the place and neoclassical decorations that were in vogue at that time. It is even said, but it is a legend, that the curve of the Breast-bowl was obtained by molding the royal breast!