Angelina Jolie breastfeeding

Not only did Angelina, 39, breastfeed her twins, Vivienne and Knox, now 5, but a gorgeous photo taken by her longtime partner, Brad Pitt, 50, showed her breastfeeding one of the newborn twins on th

Breastfeeding a man in a train

On a train, a bucolic peasant wet nurse feels discomfort because she has no child with her to suckle. To relieve her distress, she asks a young stranger, also traveling in te carriage, to suckle her milk.

natalia vodianova breastfeeding

Where many people wondered why she decided to share sucha private photo on Instagrams, some just appreciate the beauty of the scene, and some others explain that her choice to share this will break the taboo and help future mothers to consider breastfeeding.

Roman Charity by Ellen Wetmore

While Cimon and Pero is well covered in art history, never do we see evidence of Pliny the Elder's version of the story in which a woman feeds her own mother. This story of salvation is one Ellen Wetmore has elected to tell.

 Museo del Prado in Madrid :Saint Bernard de Clairvaux receiving milk from Virgin Mary

In Museo del Prado (Madrid), there is an oil painting that represents the statue of the Virgin Mary, carrying the child in her left arm, and squirting milk from her breast directly in the mouth of a priest kneeling in front of her.

Olivia Wilde breastfeeding

In the September issue of Glamour magazine, stunning actress Olivia Wilde was photographed by Patrick Demarchelier breastfeeding her son Otis while wearing a sparkling Roberto Cavalli gown and Prada heels.

upside down breastfeeding

As most of the breastfeeding pictures, this one has generated some controversies on Internet.

For some families, toddler jealousy while breastfeeding is quite an issue. Especially in this japanese video, where death hides at the very end of the nipple... 

The "image" of Rose of Sharon nursing a starving stranger in a barn is very similar to the one of Roman Charity.

Herebelow is a gallery of paintings that no museum in the world could ever gather.Many paintings and just one thema over the centuries : "Roman Charity"If you don't know the story, please read 

Detail of the Israelites gathering manna in the desert (Nicolas Poussin)

Detail of a painting by Nicolas POUSSIN (Les Andelys, 1594 - Rome, 1665) : "The Israelites gathering manna in the desert"See the full painting :

TIME Magazine Cover: Are You Mom Enough?

Using religious images of the Madonna and Child as reference, Schoeller captured each mother breast-feeding her child or children.

In Asia, the Confucian Tales of Filial Piety made clear the importance and virtue of putting one's parents before one's self or children.

Cheyenne Carron

One day, I was walking in the Louvre museum and I found myself in front of the painting "Roman Charity" by Jean-Baptiste GREUZE.

Old woman, no teeth

In the Tang Dynasty, an official named Cui Nanshan, had in his family the Grand Dame Zhang Sun, Mr. Cui's great-grandmother.

There is an old Chinese stand-up comedy (xiangsheng) routine -- now banned for being too risque for public performance -- that kind of relates to the topic of filial piety : An old man takes sick w