The 'Milk Sprayer' : a lactating criminal

A robbery of a new kind took place in Darmstadt, Germany, on October 27, 2014.
A woman is wanted by German police for the robbery of a pharmacy... during which she used her breasts to distract the attention of employees.
She sprayed breast milk to the face of her victims.
Shortly before 16:30, a woman enters a pharmacy in Darmstadt, Germany, to buy a breast pump.
So far nothing unusual, except that after getting the article, she suddenly opens her blouse, takes her right breast out of her dress and sprays breast milk to an employee to steal 100 euros in cash.
The action takes place while the woman is recovering her currency, as the cash drawer is open, after she gave a banknote of 200 euros to the pharmacist to pay for the purchase of an amount of 20 euros.
Then, she goes to the second teller and acts in the same way - with her left breast this time - by pressing with her fingers to spray a second stream of milk.
Stunned by the awkward scene, the employees and customers of the pharmacy don't stop her.
Nicknamed "The Milk Sprayer" , this woman is around 35 - 40 years old, and is described as "a strong woman, speaking a foreign language and with long black hair tied in a ponytail".
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