Paintings of Roman Charity, daughter breastfeeding her father starving in prison

Paintings of Roman Charity, Cimon Pero, breastfeeding father, old man

Herebelow is a gallery of paintings that no museum in the world could ever gather.
Many paintings and just one thema over the centuries : "Roman Charity"

If you don't know the story, please read this extract of a book named "Collection of Greek popular songs and stories".

To summarize, this image represents a young girl (Pero) breastfeeding an old man (Cimon), who is her father.
This represents filial piety and is probably a kind of metaphor of citizens ready to offer their own blood to their country.

For the filial piety side, this can also be compared to the asian topic of the daughter-in-law breastfeeding her husband father/mother.

What's interesting here ?

For sure, the different ways used by the painters to deal with this topic, but also the look of the daughter that is very different from a painting to the other :
- sometimes she looks at her father with the eyes of a caring mother
- sometimes she looks in another direction and seems to be struggled in an internal ethical fight
- sometimes she looks scared to be surprised by the king soldiers
- sometimes her face just reflects sacrifice

Please have a look by yourself ...

Jean-Jacques Lagrenée
Roman Charity, by Jean-Jacques Lagrenée (1781)

Roman Charity, Amsterdam version, by P.P Rubens (1625)

By Rosso Fiorentino (?)


by lorenzo pasinelli
By Lorenzo Pasinelli (1670)

By Guido Reni
By Guido Reni

Hans Sebald Beham
By Hans Sebald Beham (1540)

by rembrandt peale
The Roman Daughter by Rembrandt Peale (1811)

by Carlo Cignani
By Carlo Cignani

By Georg Pencz

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"Roman Charity" By Central Italian School
by Nicolas Regnier
Fresco from Pompeii Artist unknown. Mid 1st century AD
"Roman Charity" By Dirck Van Baburen
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"Roman Charity" By Jean-Baptiste Greuze (c. 1767)
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