Paintings of Roman Charity, daughter breastfeeding her father starving in prison

Herebelow is a gallery of paintings that no museum in the world could ever gather.Many paintings and just one thema over the centuries : "Roman Charity"If you don't know the story, please read this extract of a book named "Collection of Greek popular songs and stories".To summarize, this image represents a young girl (Pero) breastfeeding an old man (Cimon), who is her father.This represents filial piety and is probably a kind of metaphor of citizens ready to offer their own blood to their country.For the filial piety side, this can also be compared to the asian topic of the daughter-in-law breastfeeding her husband father/mother.What's interesting here ?For sure, the different ways used by the painters to deal with this topic, but also the look of the daughter that is very different from a painting to the other :- sometimes she looks at her father with the eyes of a caring mother- sometimes she looks in another direction and seems to be struggled in an internal ethical fight- sometimes she looks scared to be surprised by the king soldiers- sometimes her face just reflects sacrifice

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