Roman charity by photographer Max SAUCO

Roman Charity by Max Sauco

Here is a "picture-painting" by Max Sauco. The thing that attracts immediately the eyes is not the surrealistic side of the work, but simply the realistic side : there are many representations of Roman charity, but it's pretty unusual to see realistic representations of it... That was the first thing. But looking at it with more attention, many other details prove to be quite interesting.

I will not talk about the nails in the father's foot (apart to say that these nails allow the painter to mix blood and milk, which is a strong metaphore of Roman Charity itself as the father drinks the milk directly from is own flesh and blood). I can't explain either the halo (or is it to tell that he acts in a rather pure way ?), nor the tiny smoke leaving his head.

But I can still see that the look of Pero (the daughter) - compared to more classical representations of Roman Charity - is unusual : she looks straight in the camera, when Pero usually looks aside in a suffering, shameful (and sometimes fierce) way.

She seems to be provocative, but also seems to be smiling ... The fact that Pero is pregnant is also interesting. It would actually make sense that pregnancy would be part of of the Roman Charity topic, but it's not. In Max Sauco's work, pregnancy is highlighted by the light, by the colors of the young woman nipples and by the milk spread on the belly.

This milk, also spread on the mouth of the father, on his chest, shows of course how ravenous the man is, but also provides the image with a kind of disturbing erotic tension (still, as we said, somewhat diminished by the halo above his head). For the huge quantity of milk spilled on the floor, I'm still unsure ... Help would be welcome... If you have an idea, do not hesitate to comment.


About Max Sauco Max Sauco is a Russian photographer expert in Photo-Surrealism. His work is said, by many, to be breathtaking. Some can identify there the influence of Dali. Max Sauco also knows wonderfully how to highlight women through their femininity, their sensuality and ... their motherhood. Technically the composition of lights and color shows a great mastery of graphic arts and a deep and uncommon personality.

The work of Max Sauco is very unusual and yet is reminiscent of the works of famous artists of the Renaissance. The Russian photographer & artist Max Sauco manipulates images in an extremely convincing way. His work develops the theme of Surrealism - erotic surrealismin - the photo-art.

The works of Max Sauco are very unusual. It is not easy to find his biography. A translation of his name in Russian, then a google search, and a new translation from the Russian language allowed me to find these pieces of information: Maxime Sauco was born on January 23, 1969 in Irkutsk, where he still lives. In 1986, he finished his schoolarship in Irkutsk.

He then prepared to become a doctor, but changed his mind at the last moment to study art.

In 1986 he enrolled at the School of Arts in Irkutsk.

From 1987 to 1989 - he then served in the Soviet army.

In 1992, he obtained his Degree of artist-designer in the College of Arts at Irkutsk.

From 1992 to 1996 he studied painting, sculpture, decorative arts and photography. In the beginning, his work shocked an audience that was not prepared to it.

Today Max Sauco is said to be an artist who is interested in human nature. His knowledge - present in each of his photo-paintings - is quite deep in various fields : - sculpture - painting - photography - medical anatomy - plastics anatomy - esoteric - psychology This latest knowledge apparently allows Max Sauco to identify methods to influence the subconscious of the viewer. In 1998, he tried for the first time photography associated with the computer aided design. This has opened for him a space for a creativity that never stopped since then.

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