Roman charity, video of Cimon and Pero by Cheyenne Carron

Cheyenne Carron

One day, I was walking in the Louvre museum and I found myself in front of the painting "Roman Charity" by Jean-Baptiste GREUZE. I immediately understood the strength of the theme that the artist had treated. The same evening I wrote the script for the movie. Four months later, I realized the film. I felt like an urgency to capture this within a movie ... as if I had been afraid that the subject would slip off my hands. The Roman Charity is the first film I produced (and directed). I loved the experience of being totally free in creation process. C. Carron

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Andy relieving Nancy’s engorged breast in Weeds

In the episode 9 of the 5th season of "Weeds", Nancy is out to dinner with Andy (her brother-in-law) and becomes painfully engorged. Not being able to relieve the pressure by herself, she hollers for Andy and begs him to “suck ‘n spit.”