Video : an old woman breastfed by two younger women [extract from Black Moon by Louis Malle]

Screenshot : Cathryn Harrison in the movie Black Moon

About the movie Black moon, a reviewer said : "Is there a single film that combines genocide, a talking unicorn, and breast feeding?" Now that "Black Moon" has been made widely available, we can answer with a resounding, "Yes!" It is kind of difficult to summarize the plot of this movie directed in 1975 by Louis Malle. But well, we could say (with the help of wikipedia) that a teenager witnesses a war between the sexes and finds herself involved in numerous dream-like situations. At some point, she meets a bed-ridden old woman who listens to a ham radio and occasionally needs to be breastfed. In the movie, the old woman is breastfed by another younger woman and the adolescent herself. It's been written that it’s about a pubescent girl’s journey through puberty into womanhood, and the accompanying surrealist fears. and it's probably true. But for those who heard of roman charity, this scene might also ..."ring a bell".

Start the video below at 1h10mn35sec to see the scene :

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