Weeds Suck 'n' Spit episode : the breastfeeding scene

Andy relieving Nancy’s engorged breast in Weeds

Nancy is out to dinner with Andy (her brother-in-law for those of you who don’t know the show) and becomes painfully engorged. Nancy leans over the bathroom sink (to hand express, maybe ?) having tossed her dead breast pump. Not being able to relieve the pressure, she hollers for Andy and begs him to “suck ‘n spit.” 

A blogger - apparently used to that kind of lactation issues - explains, in her very well written post, "that Andy relieving Nancy’s engorged breasts was not at all sexual."

"People with experience breastfeeding are probably going to wonder, perhaps aloud, why she didn’t just hand express." she adds.

But she continues :

"As someone who could never get a drop out that way, I get the need for suction. And Andy’s character on Weeds kind of annoys me much of the time so I loved that he pretty much just got to business doing what needed to be done."

For a similar story, please have a look to the short story "Idylle" from Guy de Maupassant (published in 1884).

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